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Why do we do it?

Because nobody invented light bulb its first attempt, because nobody made an airplane without having to crash land.

Because one can learn more from failure than success.

How it is done?

In every startup funeral event speakers talk about their failed startup, what was the startup about? What went wrong? Why it failed? What they learnt? If given a chance what different they’d do?

After the confessions of failure, there would be a surprise gig at every STFU event. Attendees can network with speakers and other entrepreneurs after raising a toast to their failure over music and some awesome beer!

 What is Startup Funerals?

Startup Funerals is a platform where personal stories of business failure are told and mistakes are confessed. This is not the usual funeral that you have been to. This is a celebration of the demise of a business idea/startup. Yes, you read it right! we celebrate failure like it should be done.


 What is the objective?

In April 2016, a 34yrs old entrepreneur from Hyderabad committed suicide because his social messaging based startup failed at an early stage. (Source: Times Of India)

Failure is often seen as a taboo in the society. In a country like India , there are huge expectations to succeed in life from a tender age. Failure always had some kind of stigma attached to it. We want to eliminate stigma surrounding failure by proving it to be a positive thing and a stepping stone to success through #STFU


"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Thomas Alva Edison

Statistics from the Startup Eco-System

Number of Startups in India
Percentage of startups that are funded by angel investors.
Percent of Startups Fail.
Investment in crore rupees received by Startups in India.

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